We all know that rest and sleeping well improve health and quality of life.

Founders: Vanderlei & Rosilene Goncalves

For so many years, founders Vanderlei and Rose were experiencing aches and pains from not sleeping well.  

They tried all kinds of mattresses and weren’t satisfied.  One day, on a trip to South America in 2012, they visited Vanderlei’s sister and slept in the guest room. After waking up refreshed and revitalized, they were curious about what type of mattress they slept on. Then a light bulb flashed in their heads. They thought to themselves, what if there was a way to solve sleep problems for humanity.  After years of research and development, an invention took place, and a business was created.  

After inventing the revolutionary way to sleep healthy, they acquired a small mattress manufacturing company sitting in a 1400-square-foot warehouse.  And that’s how the PowerMag Therapy Empire began.

Vanderlei & Rose knew that a good night’s sleep is essential for physical and mental health, and deep sleep improves the quality of life. So, they never stop searching for new sleep technologies and the best natural materials to create the world’s finest mattress that enhances the quality’s sleep for people.

Vanderlei and Rose’s desire for growth and sustainability became a priority. They mixed nature with technology to achieve their desire and go above and beyond the norm. Since then, they have begun using biodegradable and eco-friendly products in manufacturing orthopedic therapeutic mattresses to become healthier and sustainable. 

The Orthopedic Therapeutic Mattress ‘(Patented)” was developed through scientific and medical research; Its construction is called the “Smart Orthopedic Support,” which is the new generation of healthy mattresses with an exceptional therapeutic experience called the revolutionary sleep technology of postural correction. It is made with all eco-friendly materials, added MedFIR Sleep Technology, which regulates body temperature and converts body heat into far infrared energy. Also, Far Infrared helps in circulation, increases tissue oxygen levels, enhances cell vitality, and pain management helps support natural healing and improves sleep quality with increased comfort for refreshed night’s sleep. 

Other great benefits of MedFIR far infrared therapy are that it helps detoxify the body from clusters built up in our blood. The clusters trap toxins and block good nutrients from being utilized by the cells in our bodies. You will fall asleep faster and stay longer asleep. You will feel the difference in the morning.

After years of working in the mattress industry, selling mattresses only as a Whole Sale Company PowerMag Therapy Corp fulfilled its purpose with compassion and dedication to its Customers. 

Powermag Therapy is now a benchmark for quality in its products due to constant technological advances and innovations in the production lines to provide a healthier and more comfortable life for its customers.

The Gonçalves family, founders of PowerMag Therapy Corporation, have provided high-end sleep solutions for many years. However, their desire to be environmentally friendly and sustainable led them to convert to all-natural materials. Their goal is to encourage their customers’ best sleep and health while being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We all know that rest and sleeping well improve health and quality of life. However, we need good and comfortable MATTRESS to reach all of these benefits. 

Keeping Company’s growth in late 2019, it was essential to take a step forward in the online market. So, after a few meetings, Vanderlei & Rose asked themselves the best way to help more people save money on their new mattresses. In conclusion, to avoid the showroom experience without middle-man intermediaries, sales commissions, and everything else that increases the price in a traditional mattress store, selling the product to physical retail stores makes products more expensive than selling online directly to the consumers. 

By that time, Vanderlei & Rose decided it was time to open their first online store. To do so, they would need to create a new brand only to sell their products online. Then, Vanderlei & Rose started HIBERIS®, a new brand that could help many people buy high-end mattresses at the lowest prices possible and get the best return on investment. 

Hiberis mattresses are available only online and sold with a 100-night risk-free in-home trial with a return policy for each mattress. The mattresses are compressed, boxed, and shipped directly to the consumer’s front door with FedEx or UPS.

All returned mattresses will be donated to a local charity and Non-Profit Organization or ethically recycled. “We never resell a used product.” 


HIBERIS Corp. was created to allow everyone to purchase a high-end mattress at a fair price.

HIBERIS mattresses are manufactured using an environmentally-friendly pouring process, and our foam is CertiPUR-US®; the certification recognizes that our products are low emissions for indoor air quality and are made without ozone-depleters, formaldehyde, PBDEs, prohibited phthalates, lead, mercury and other materials of concern, to ensure public health and safety

We are proud to manufacture all our mattresses in the US, ensuring lower shipping costs, faster deliveries, shorter lead times, and higher quality.

HIBERIS Team is passionate about building the most effective manufacturing production lines in the mattress industry, ensuring the best quality products.

Whether we are developing a new sleep technology, implementing a breakthrough process, or choosing a new supplier, we maintain a crystal clear mindset: always consider the environmental impact of our actions. 

Our world-class team of engineers, technicians, and specialists loves a challenge – and even more, they love to deliver the optimal solution for maximum results.

Our Mattresses provide a luxurious blend of comfort and support for bodies of every shape and size     

Our commitment to the environment will always be a journey of continuous improvement for a brighter and better future.

This commitment means thinking long-term and creatively about solutions to enhancing our business and environmental goals. This means working collaboratively and partnering with our suppliers and customers to set even higher standards. It means doing the right thing—every day.

HIBERIS never makes cheap products; instead, it makes the highest quality mattresses offered at the lowest price with the best cost & benefit.

Vanderlei & Rose will never forget that the company’s history and success have been built on individual consumer satisfaction and loyal customer recommendations, for which we are always extremely grateful.

Our goal is for everyone to have this amazing mattress because to us, it is not just about the sleep; it’s about the moment you wake up and put your feet on the floor and realize your body has been through a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience through sleep.

We are constantly thinking today about tomorrow’s challenges, and we thrive on continual evolution. Nothing makes us happier than when a customer calls to say about their experience in sleep on our mattress.

We designed our online store with simplicity and transparency.

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