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When it comes to making mattresses, it’s safe to say that we are naturals.

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When it comes to making mattresses, it’s safe to say that we are naturals. As luxurious as natural can get.

The ultra-luxury HIBERIS® hybrid – combined with; MedFIR™ Technology, CertiPUR-US certified Serene & Gel Memory, and a Separated Coil system with a Perimeter Zoned Comfort Core® is designed for contoured ultra-comfort that supports all types of body curves correctly. 

The HIBERIS hybrid mattress, is built with all Planet eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, then added MedFIR Far Infrared sleep technology to maximize your sleep from restful to recharged. It It is engineered to support heavier sleepers, providing a durable and consistent surface for the body’s contours with superior comfort and reduced partner disturbance.

The HIBERIS® hybrid is the new generation of sleep technology, designed and supportive for maximum comfort; a long-term warranty backs it to guarantee the best investment return.

HIBERIS mattress eliminates questionable chemicals in conventional mattresses while offering a more natural and non-toxic alternative for adults, children, and babies.

Each HIBERIS mattress is made with the highest quality standard, ensuring that every material used inside the mattresses is safe enough for everyone. Its principal function is to improve sleep comfort and spinal alignment that can help relieve back and joint pain.

The ultra-luxurious HIBERIS mattress is the revolutionary sleep technology for postural correction designed for any sleeper, including heavier people; it distributes body weight evenly from head to toe, keeping the spine in proper alignment. 

A proper spine alignment promotes better functioning of the body’s organs, and a restful night’s sleep can even reduce snoring.

The innovative HIBERIS therapeutic mattress is the opposite of traditional beds, which are too soft or too hard. With years of use, they become like a canoe, forming a hole where the user sleeps, causing damage to the user’s spine and increasing back pain. Many other users have complained that poor-quality mattresses can cause it after a sleepless night.

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