Each HIBERIS mattress is manufactured in Florida

Each HIBERIS mattress is manufactured in our warehouse in the sunshine state of Florida, U.S., by our well-trained team of professionals to ensure essential quality manufacturing standards are in effect during your mattress production.

  • Day one: We received your order.
  • Day two: We produce your mattress.
  • Day three: Your mattress is ready for UPS to pick it up.

Your mattress may arrive on different days, depending on the distance of your hometown from the respective warehouse.

*Please allow 4–10 business days for a more accurate delivery date.

We ship it with FedEx or UPS Ground Transportation. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number the next business day from your order.

It is crucial that you thoroughly inspect the product before use. However, If you observe any defect, please immediately notify HIBERIS Corporation customer support by contacting us at:

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