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Orthopedic Therapeutic

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MedFIR® Far Infrared Technology

MedFIR® Far Infrared Technology absorbs and converts human body heat into far- infrared energy, then emits that energy back to the body, promoting; quality sleep, local sleep circulation, and several other benefits.


Perimeter Zoned Coils®
HIBERIS® hybrid mattress support heavier sleepers, providing durability and consistent surface for the body’s contours with superior comfort.

Starting at $1990


Perimeter Zoned Coils®
HIBERIS® hybrid mattress combined with the new generation of sleep technology to maximize your night’s sleep from restful to recharged.

Starting at $1590


HIBERIS® Orthopedic & Therapeutic mattress is a revolutionary sleep technology for postural correction designed for all sleep positions, offers maximum comfort.

Starting at $1790


Luxury Hybrid
This ultra-luxury hybrid mattress, combined with; MedFIRTM Far Infrared Technology, Certi- PUR-US certified Gel Memory, and a Pocket Coil System with a perimeter zoned Comfort Core®, The Hiberis hybrid mattress’s principal function is to support any body weight, filling in all body curves and keeping the spine in proper alignment, improving the sleep comfort you never had before.


The Ultra-luxurious Hybrid Mattress
It is designed with support for maximum comfort and durability, with a long-term warranty that guarantees the best investment and returns. HIBERIS Serenity hybrid is built with; MedFIRTM Far Infrared Technology, Certi-PUR certified Gel Memory, and a perimeter zoned Pocket Coil System. MedFIR Yarn Technology absorbs human body heat, converts it into far-infrared energy, and emits that energy back to the body, promoting; quality sleep, local sleep circulation, and several other benefits.


Orthopedic Therapeutic
The world’s healthier exclusive orthopedic therapeutic mattress (Patented), along with a unique therapeutic experience to maximize your sleep from just a restful to a recharged one. This innovative HIBERIS therapeutic mattress is engineered with support and durability to distribute the body weight evenly from head to toe, offering better postural support and proper spinal alignment that help users with different body weights and heights get the maximum comfort and benefits.

HIBERIS Mattress Benefits:

  • Quality sleep. 
  • Helps self- healing and cell renewal. 
  • Assist in cell detoxification. 
  • Performance. 
  • Local circulation and muscle oxygenation. 
  • Faster recovery. 
  • Increased energy. 
  • Back pain management. 
  • Enhance healthy lifestyle. 
  • Whole night’s sleep with continuous comfort. 

Other Structure Features Included:

  • Better posture support.
  • Breathable, cool, and easy airflow.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Ultra comfortable texture.
  • Balance body temperature.
  • No partner disturbance.
  • Support body curves correctly and distributes the weight evenly without causing pressure on hips and shoulders.
  • CertiPUR Certified.
  • Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million). 

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I really love!

I really love my new mattress. It helps me with my back pain. I have been sleeping much better. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks.



Best purchase made!

Best purchase made, I was suffering from arm numbness when sleeping and the numbness went away on the first night of sleep! 



I Highly recommend!

Thank you for all the stuffs you guys have changed our life with this amazing mattress.
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family.



Frequently Asked Questions

Our top priority is to ensure our employees’ and customers’ health and safety.

Our manufacturers and distribution centers adhere to strict policy changes, including increasing the frequency of cleaning, providing employees with additional protective equipment, and physically distancing individuals.

We monitor the situation closely, listening to the government and public security officials.

Our commitment is to provide a safe lifestyle and better nights of healthy sleep to our employees and customers!!! 

Because you all are part of our family!!!

The Hiberis’s name was taken from the Iberis flower, adding the letter H, which is the first letter of Health. HIBERIS means Healthy Sleep. Hiberis embodies the ideal mattress; it is delicate, beautiful, and smooth to the touch.

Other symbolic meanings of the Iberis candytuft include sweetness and beauty. Iberis sempervirens, the evergreen candytuft or perennial candytuft, is a flowering plant in the Brassicaceae family; it is native to southern Europe. The flower can adapt to a wide range of climatic conditions.

Also, the research shows that Iberis is being used as Ornamental and for alternative Medicine.

We are proud to manufacture all our mattresses in the US, ensuring lower shipping costs, fast delivery, shorter lead times, and higher quality materials. Careful and well-trained professionals make each HIBERIS mattress to ensure essential quality manufacturing standards are in effect during your mattress production. We follow up production with a Quality Assurance procedure that checks every mattress before it is shipped to you.

The ultra-luxurious HIBERIS® mattress is suitable for heavier users. It is a revolutionary technology for postural correction designed to distribute body weight evenly from head to toe, improving sleep quality and offering comfort for spinal alignment. The HIBERIS® mattress is built with all Planet eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. It is a new generation of sleep technology. This innovative mattress is the opposite of traditional mattresses, which are too soft or too hard. With years of use, they become like a canoe, forming a hole where the user sleeps, causing damage to the user’s spine and increasing back pain.

“Many users have complained that poor-quality mattresses are the leading cause of damage to the user’s spine and increasing back pain after sleepless nights.”

HIBERIS SLEEP never applies cheap materials to its mattress; instead, it is built with the highest quality raw materials available, offered at a fair price.

Because it is not just about sleep; it’s about the moment you wake up and put your feet on the floor, you realize that your body has been through a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience.

HIBERIS mattress is very comfortable, not too hard or soft. It is the opposite of other mattresses that are too soft or too hard, which can damage the user’s spine after years of use.

HIBERIS mattress is a medium-firm fell ~ 6-8 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmness).

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